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When you find yourself dealing with water where it doesn’t belong, drains backing up, or strange odors, it is time to make a quick phone call to ASAP Plumbing.

It is more than an inconvenience. It is actually a safety issue. We know that if you are searching online for emergency help, you have a real issue. You are probably somewhat exasperated. You need help, and you need it NOW!

Gas Leaks?

A gas leak opens the door for an explosion. That definitely needs to be checked out. If you know where the shutoff is, go do that now. Open some windows, and call (228) 865-2727 immediately. We are always on-call. We will have help on the way before you can open the rest of your windows. We can trace that gas smell and find the leaky culprit, and many would consider this as much or more of a safety issue than a flooded home or business.

Water Problems?

Water problems? Although this is one of the worst problems homeowners face, and often incites all out panic, you must react. If you have any idea where the water is coming from, see if there are immediate steps to be taken. Is the water in your home fresh water, or waste water? If it is fresh, shut off the water supply to your home. Waste water is a little more difficult for you to take action on, but call us now! (228) 865-2727 will get help on the way. Not only does water damage your possessions, but it could be the beginning of mold growth down the road. We need to help find the source, and resolve it quickly. Let’s get it stopped so you can begin clean-up, and get your home and life back.

We understand your emergency calls. We know you are stressed and need help NOW! Once you have called us, take a deep breath. If you called for a gas odor, leave the premises until we arrive if you can do so. If you have a water problem, and you can move any of your possessions out of harm’s way while waiting, that would be a great idea, but rest assured we are headed to help.

We will ask a few questions, figure out the nature of the emergency, and begin to resolve your issue. If it is a gas smell, we will find that leak and repair the problem. We will make sure that when we leave, all of your gas appliances are purged and ready for service.

If you have a drain issue, we have drain openers of many kinds, from chemical to mechanical. We also can scope your pipes with our latest technology cameras and get a picture of your situation very quickly.

If you have issues with fresh water, where is it coming from? Is there a puncture in a pipe? A leaky faucet or valve that isn’t closing completely? We will find the trouble spot, and get it fixed. You will have water again.

You need to know that you can count on quality service and reliability. We have been around for many years, which demonstrates our commitment to the community, customer satisfaction, and building a client base which will keep us around and growing for years to come.

ASAP Plumbing, LLC

We have emergency crews on call 24/7 for your convenience. We can get your water flowing in the right direction, and get the drains draining. We can reassure you that your gas leak is found and repaired. We want to hear your sigh of relief, and know that we contributed.

Our Plumbers

We have some of the best plumbers on the Gulf Coast. With many years of combined experience in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing, they are prepared for any emergency situation. We seek out these highly qualified skilled tradesmen with the intent of building the best plumbing company in the area, and we are succeeding.

We offer free estimates and competitive pricing. Our goal is to get you as a customer, and keep you with outstanding customer service. If you are dealing with a situation right now that has you worried, please call ASAP PLUMBING right now, and get professional help on your problem.

Services Offered at ASAP Plumbing:

Emergency Plumbing | Leak Detection | Sewer & Drain | Gas Line | Water Heater | Toilets | Kitchen Appliances

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We are an AO Smith Authorized Service Provider and the only Rennai Authorized Service Provider on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.