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Tips for Removing Foul Odors in the Bathroom
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Tips for Removing Foul Odors in the Bathroom GULFPORT, MS

Tips for Removing Foul Odors in the Bathroom

Some of our most personal business takes place in the bathroom. We disrobe. We shave our legs. We learn our numbers (#1 and #2). All of these and more can lead to a funky smelling bathroom. Of course, foul odors that dissipate soon after the deed are normal. But if you find yourself pinching your nose more often than not when you pass by your bathroom, it may be time to tackle the bathroom foul odors in the bathroom for good.

Here are some common causes of foul odors in the bathroom and how to fix them.

The obvious cause
Bodily functions are the first cause of lingering bad bathroom smells. You can usually get rid of this by opening a window, lighting a candle or turning on a fan. The trick to the last one is to turn the fan on when you enter the room instead of when leaving it. If your “private time” tends to leave a lingering smell long after it should it may be that your plumbing system cannot handle the waste anymore. Consult with professionals to detect if this is the problem.

You may think trash cans in the kitchen are the only cans prone to foul smells. Bathroom trash cans also contain items that can lead to bad odors when not disposed of right away. Sanitary napkins and wet wipes are two such items. So instead of waiting until your bathroom trash can is full, empty it on a weekly basis to guard against it leading to odors.

Mold in the shower area
Mold is not only smelly, it’s dangerous. Mold spores can cause harmful allergies and respiratory infections. It can be easy to overlook small molding areas in large shower or tub arrangements. A good rule is to spray your shower area with a bleach solution diluted with water once a week. Be sure to spray the inside of the shower curtain as well. This will kill any new spores as well as mature mold you can see.

Mold or bacteria on towels
Mold and bacteria love to hide in the folds of damp towels. This can get very smelly. To prevent this never hang used towels on the backs of doors. This slows down the drying process. Spread them out flat and hang over the shower curtain to dry if reusing them is routine.

In need of a deep clean
Sometimes even after you’ve done all of the above you still have foul odors in your bathroom. This is a sign that your bathroom needs a very deep clean. The first step is to dismantle the toilet seat and all exterior parts. Then apply a paste of baking soda with water to the seat and around the base and let it sit. Baking soda is a natural disinfectant and will soak up any substances causing odor in that area. Go on to use the bleach/water solution to deep clean the tub, countertops, and then the floor. If you do not want to use bleach, white vinegar is an alternative.

Foul odors in the bathroom stink! We hope these tips help you return yours to rosy.

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