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Plumbing Tips for Fall
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Plumbing Tips for Fall

Plumbing Tips for Fall

Plumbing Tips for Fall

As the weather changes and cools down, many find it helpful to take advantage of the ways you can start to make plumbing changes around your home. Before the winter season hits, fall tends to be the perfect time to arrange plumbing fixtures before it becomes too far out into the freezing winter months. Learn a few ways on how you can start these plumbing tips today!

Drain and Shut Off All Hoses

Get the ball rolling by stepping outside! Simply drain and shut off all hoses using the shut off valves. You can easily store them away for the next season. If leaving for the holidays, be sure all indoor pipes and ice maker machines are completely turned off as well. Nobody wants a leaky mess. In the case that you do find a leaky spigot, contact a plumber for assistance.

Cover and Seal Exterior and Interior Lines

Be on the lookout for any bare pipe lines or holes. These are found in various parts of the home including basements, attics, garages or even outdoors. Use installation to cover any gaps accordingly.

Do Not Forget the Furnace

Plumbing is not just found in bathrooms and kitchens. Your furnace also plays a role in whether or not your pipes will burst out. To help prevent them from freezing, check to see if the air handler air filter needs to be changed along with cleaning out the humidifier filter.

Keep Refrigeration Running

Do not let your cold fall drinks melt away. Keep refrigeration running by changing out the water filter and cleaning out the condenser coils using mild soap, warm water and a soft brush. Be sure to dry completely before placing them back.

Dust Free Laundry Room

Clean out your laundry room’s vents from any dust to prevent any fire hazards. Your laundry room will be dust free and your clothes will thank you for it.

Prep Your Water Heater

We can all use a nice hot bath or shower when the temperature drops. Prep your water heater by cleaning it out using the inlet and outlet valves. You may also want to readjust the temperature from the water heater. It is recommended to keep it at, but not any higher than, 120 degrees, otherwise, you risk getting burnt.

Fall Maintenance Check-In

Last but not least, it never hurts to get a maintenance check during the fall. A professional plumber can inspect for all of these things and more to make sure you are more than prepared for the rest of the ending year.

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