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What to Do if Your Frozen Pipes Burst
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What to Do if Your Frozen Pipes Burst

What to Do if Your Frozen Pipes Burst

What to Do if Your Frozen Pipes Burst

Uh oh! You didn’t follow the advice about protecting your pipes during a freeze and now you have a wet mess on your hands! Pipes that freeze and bust are one of the biggest problems homeowners face during the winter months. It can cause a huge mess and be very costly but you can lessen the damage left by busted pipes with these tips from the experts.

Shut Off the Water and Electrical Supply

Locate your home’s main water supply valve and immediately turn it off. The valve is either in a ground level utility box in front of the home or on the outside of the house next to the water meter. It’s important to know where the supply is beforehand so you won’t have to search for it during an emergency. Next, located your home’s fuse box or breaker panel and turn off your home’s electrical supply. This should be done in the area of the home where the water is located. To ensure extra safety measures, unplug nearby appliances and electrical fixtures.

Call a Plumber

Once you’ve located where the water is and you have turned off the necessary water and electrical supplies, call a plumber. These experts are there to help prevent future damage from occurring in your home. At ASAP Plumbing, we will arrive promptly and begin working with you to locate the source and assess any damage. Our plumbers will fix the problem so you do not have to worry about further issues. Having a professional at your home will help prevent future problems such as mold growth.

Dry It Up

Stop before you toss yesterday’s news! Did you know old newspapers are one of the best materials you can use to soak up water? It’s inexpensive and can help save you bundles in cleanup costs. Spread the newspapers on areas where water is present and give it time to soak everything up. This can help prevent water damage to your furniture, floors and baseboards. Using box fans and dehumidifiers will help speed up the drying process

Assess Your Home for Water Damage

If your home’s plumbing system is located in the attic, it may be more susceptible to freezing if not properly insulated. Busted pipes in the attic can cause leaks that could go unseen until it’s too late. If you notice dark spots or bulging in the ceiling then you may have a leak overhead. Consult with a contractor about repairing ceiling damage and contact ASAP Plumbing so our plumbers can arrive in time to fix the ruptured pipe.

Put the freeze on your pipes rupturing this winter season. You’ll save yourself money and the stress of the aftermath of a busted pipe. Take preventive measures such as wrapping your pipes with insulation and letting your home’s faucets drip during freezing temps.

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