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Gulfport, Mississippi, has a rich heritage of being a port city with a prime location for boat building. Founded in 1898, the city soon finished its newly constructed seaport, the Port of Gulfport. Since then, the port has flourished and earns millions in revenue every year for the state of Mississippi. This city is far from its beginning as a lumber and port city. Gulfport has blossomed into a diverse city with an evolved community geared towards local economic growth and expansion. It encompasses just over 70,000 residents and every year the numbers increase with the developing area. Now being the second largest city in Mississippi, Gulfport is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. The city sits on the beautiful, white-sandy coastline of the Gulf of Mexico and attracts thousands of tourists and locals every year. Beyond its affluent past and prosperous present, Gulfport is a city that offers entertainment, economic opportunities, lifestyle experiences and much more.

The city offers a mix of things that are sure to spark your interest! Dining opportunities offer fresh, local seafood options caught in the backyard waters of Gulfport in the Gulf of Mexico. The downtown area provides shopping at local shops, nightlife and businesses that fuel the local economy. Gulfport is home to The Gulf Islands Water Park, the largest water park on the Gulf Coast. Like the rest of the Gulf Coast, Gulfport has steadily reconstructed what was washed away during Hurricane Katrina. Now, the city is filled with economic development that doesn’t seem to slow down. There are still many historical buildings and sights influenced by the French and Spanish that have stood firm through every storm. The Gulf Coast Heritage Area stretches across the city of Gulfport. Before its French and Spanish influence, Native American tribes are recorded settling on the land we now know as Gulfport, Mississippi, as far back as 10,000 years ago. To preserve the history, museums across the Gulf Coast, including Gulfport, exist to maintain remembrance and proud heritage.

Gulfport, Mississippi, became a powerhouse at the start of its inception and continued for years until Hurricane Katrina took its toll on the city in 2005. Homes and businesses were washed away in the aftermath of Katrina. The community rebuilt from the ground up, and turned Gulfport into what it is today. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce is an organization responsible for improving business dispositions, advocating for local businesses and striving to promote growth and wellness through economic development for its communities and its cities. The chamber is a key advocate towards economic advancement and success for Gulfport. There is so much of Gulfport to be experienced and seen. Taste the culture and flavors of the city, experience the innovation of the business district, explore the Gulf Coast waters, discover the incredible marine life or even settle in as a part of the active community. Make memories full of adventure and excitement mixed with a little bit of southern comfort when you visit this port city. Whether you’re a local or visiting, there’s an experience waiting for you in Gulfport!

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