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Putting off Plumbing Repairs Cost More in the Long Run
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Putting off Plumbing Repairs Cost More in the Long Run

Putting off Plumbing Repairs Cost More in the Long Run

That leaky pipe or dripping faucet could be costing you money and even worse, could crucially cause damages to other areas of your home or even your health if you wait too long. Don’t make the mistake by putting it off and learn why it’s better to fix it sooner rather than later.

High Water Bill

Believe it or not, those little leaking drops of water add up on your water bill. Hundreds of gallons of water are wasted overtime whether it is through your sink or a running toilet. All the water build-ups can cause damage to cabinets or even your wood floors. This water waste of course not only affects the earth but your pockets as well, should you need to replace the entire pipe and flooring.

Failure to Fix Blockages or Clogs on Time

Slow draining, failure to drain or simply a clogged-up tub is an indication that something is blocking the water from having a normal flow. Failure to fix it right away can cause corrosion which affects the pipe itself and the quality of the water leading to high levels of toxins such as lead. You are now faced with costs of replacing the pipe and dangered your health.

Water Damage Can Cost You Your Health

Throughout the years, water leaks or water build-ups can cause mold or a mildew issue. For example, if your basement floods frequently and you have traces of mold on the walls, do not ignore it as it will only keep growing. Mold can put you at risk with respiratory problems and other serious health issues along with the not-so pleasant odor that penetrates to the floors, walls and even exposed material. Not all mold is safe and once contaminated, the costs to get rid of it in your home is high.

Size Does Not Matter

Even the smallest of problems can cost you big bucks. The goal is to prevent and check for repairs needed by using tools you may already have at home to fix it right away or by simply testing out the waters. Knowing you have a problem and waiting to fix it later will only cost more money in the future. Protect your pipes, your home and your health by having a professional plumber look at the your pipes.

Avoid the costly risks of plumbing repairs towards your home and your health and let us inspect your problem today. At ASAP Plumbing, your emergency is our priority. We are open 24/7 so contact us for a free estimate at (228) 865-ASAP or email us at

We’re on standby if you need to call a professional, or in the case, it just gets too ‘yucky’! If your plumbing needs to be repaired, contact ASAP Plumbing today at 228-865-2727 or visit and request a free estimate! We can handle all your plumbing needs including installation, repair, and clogged sinks.

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