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5 Signs You Need A New Grinder Pump
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5 Signs You Need A New Grinder Pump

5 Signs You Need A New Grinder Pump

5 Signs You Need A New Grinder Pump  

Do you ever wonder what holds and stores all the wastewater from your household appliances such as your dishwasher or toilet? A tank, also known as your grinder pump or sump pump which grinds up that wastewater and then pumps it to the public sewer system is your answer. If it hasn’t been working as it should, or you notice foul smells near your drain, it may be time to update it. Here are five signs that it may be time to replace your grinder pump.   

1) Your Water Pressure is Working Slow    

The most common reasons your water pressure is working slow are simply rainwater draining into the basin, dirt and clogging which cause a blockage. These reasons cause your pump to work harder to grind, resulting in a slower pump. This can even back up the sewage system. Keep in mind that if you throw things down your drains such as grease or cloth-like materials, it could explain your slow water pressure.  

2) Sewage Leaks  

Water leaking through your home can send you into a panic. If it has gotten to this point and there has been no service repair such as a simple hose down to remove of any dirt, then your pump is facing damages due to the build-up. The pump can only grind so much raw material and therefore should be replaced.  

3) Power Outage  

All it takes is a power outage and after a few days or even just one, this electrically powered pump can stop working and its’ motors will eventually burn out. Although it could be saved by a generator, sometimes it may be too late. If you did not avoid water usage during the power outage and used all the water stored in the tank, then the levels of the pump will not be able to get back to normal.  

4) Improper Level Installation   

Since the grinder pump is installed and buried underground, it must be installed below frost level in cold weather areas. If not installed below the frost line, the freezing temperatures then cause damage of the pipes and jam the actual pump itself.  

5) It’s Been a Few Years  

The grinder pump is an electromechanical device; therefore, it is powered by electricity. Its’ life warranty can range up to eight to ten years. It is the owner's responsibility to pay for the electrical bill if it is in the owner’s private property. However, the new pump should be installed by a professional. The investment on the new one will have your water running as it should for at least a decade with repair service throughout the years.  

 If you are experiencing any of these signs, don't wait, call a professional to keep from any additional damage happening.  

If it is time to replace your grinder pump, let ASAP Plumbing do the job! Contact us for a free estimate or for emergency services 24/7 at (228)-865-ASAP. You can also contact us via e-mail  We are an AO Smith Authorized Service Provider and the only Rennai Authorized Service Provider on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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We are an AO Smith Authorized Service Provider and the only Rennai Authorized Service Provider on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


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