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What Could Be the Cause of Low Water Pressure?
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What Could Be the Cause of Low Water Pressure?

What Could Be the Cause of Low Water Pressure?

What Could Be the Cause of Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure is very common and can become very frustrating. There are few things worse than going in for a relaxing high-pressure shower only to find that your water is coming out at the same velocity as your watering can. Aside from noticing that your faucets aren’t producing enough water, there can be many other tell-tale signs that your water pressure is less than ideal. Finding that your dishes are not being fully cleaned in the dishwasher could be a sign of low water pressure. You may also notice that your clothes are not fully clean although you have washed them in their normal wash cycle. Finally, a sign that you may notice that may not immediately attribute to low water pressure is plumbing leaks.

If your water pressure is low and you have noticed it through any of these indicators, there could be many reasons for the issue. First, there could be a build-up in your pipes. This build-up can be caused by an array of things such as dirt, oil, grease and food particles. Additional issues can result from a mineral buildup which over time will cause low water pressure as the water cannot pass through properly. Corrosion in your pipes can be very serious as it can be deep inside your plumbing. Your pipes may start to see corrosion if you have added plumbing to your home but have not updated the size of branch lines in your plumbing. Corrosion can happen over time, therefore you may not see the decrease in water pressure all at once. If your water pressure is low only in one faucet it may be possible that you have a faulty faucet. It is also possible that a faucet alone has become clogged.

Sharing a pipeline can also affect your water pressure. You may not be aware, but you could be sharing your pipeline with another home. This will inevitably result in lowered water pressure. This does not mean that you are paying for their water supply or vice versa. This simply means that you may feel the effects of a shared pipeline when your neighbors are showering or washing their cars.

Water valves can also be the culprit when it comes to low water pressure. A closed valve whether it be the water meter or water shut off, or a partially open one can cause major issues with the water pressure in your home. It is also possible that you have a broken pressure regulator. This regulator maintains the amount of water pressure. This could need to be adjusted or it can be faulty and will need to be repaired.

Lastly, it may be possible that your water supplier is facing issues that can directly affect your water pressure. If the supplier or municipal water system is experiencing issues, this is not something that you can fix at home. Although low water pressure can be frustrating, there are a few avenues to explore to help solve your low water pressure problem.

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