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Why am I Running Out of Hot Water?
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Why am I Running Out of Hot Water?

Why am I Running Out of Hot Water?

Why am I Running Out of Hot Water?

There is nothing like the soothing waters of a hot shower…that is until it starts to run cold. A frigidly cold shower isn’t the way you want to start your day. We rely on our water heaters for our hot baths, food preparation and clean clothes and dishes. However, overuse can cause the major appliance to lose functionality, leaving us out in the cold. If you’re running out of hot water sooner than you should, there may be a few different reasons behind it.

Up the Temperature

A main culprit for cooler water may be the temperature on your water heater’s setting. Locate the temperature on your water heater’s dial. If the temperature is below 120 degrees Fahrenheit, then adjust the setting between 120 and 140 degrees. Anything higher than 140 degrees could be scalding and increase energy costs.

Damaged Dip Tube

If you’ve noticed small pieces of plastic in an appliance filter screen or the shower head, you may have a broken dip tube. A faulty dip tube can rupture at any moment, or it can crack if it has reached its lifecycle. A fractured dip tube can cause your hot water to turn cold abruptly. When a tube is damaged, cold water will stay at the top of the tank and will blend with the warmer water. This can greatly reduce the temperature of the water entering your home. Replacing a broken dip tube should be done by a professional plumber.

Sediment Build-Up

Sometimes it’s what we don’t see that could be causing the problem. Any gradual decrease in water temperature may be due to accumulation of sediment in the tank. Mineral deposits are found in our water supply and generally include rust, sand or water main debris. Overtime, these deposits collect in the bottom of the tank and leave less space for the hot water. To remove the sediment build-up, drain and flush your water heater. It is recommended to flush your water heater every three months or annually. You can do this yourself or contact ASAP Plumbing for one of our professionals to complete the procedure.

Don’t let a cold shower put a damper on your day. If your water is not warming up to its potential then you may need to call a professional plumber. Our crew at ASAP Plumbing can stop by anytime to inspect your water heater and resolve any issues.

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