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How to detect a water leak
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How to detect a water leak

How to detect a water leak

How to detect a water leak

Every homeowner should have a clear understanding of any current house issues so that they can address the problem and fix it promptly. Of course, not everyone is skilled or specializes in general home inspections. Detecting a water leak, for example, will vary depending on the level of severity of the leak or is made through close examination with in-depth details. The signs to look out for in water leaks are generally easy to spot and have become more common than you think. There are a number of household appliances and surfaces that point out leak detection. Areas such as the roof, sinks and showers, gutters, washing machine plus many more. Rather they are internal or external, knowing the signs is key to start the repairs.

Noticeable Water Stains

Noticeable water stains are usually found on the ceiling, walls or floors. You will notice water stains accumulate at the edge of the surfaces and has a rust color that stands out.

Mold Growth

Seeing mold on any surface such as the walls or ceilings is a clear sign of a water leak issue. Not only will you see black spots and possibly fuzz, but it might also have a foul musty smell that is described by most as “rotten egg”. Mold growth is dangerous to the air we breathe and to our health. It is considered a toxic compound and should be inspected immediately after detection.

Standing Water

Look out for standing water or a pool of water anywhere in your home. Standing water is said to be tied to severe damage to the home’s framework or flooring. Not to mention sewage water’s toxic pathogens and the potential for rodents from the smell alone. Too much damage and you are looking at a warped floor that is irreversible.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure from the faucet or a spike in your water bill can indicate a water leak. The severity can range from being a minor loose connection to something more serious like a pipe rupture. This type of pressure is known to cause pipes to puncture allowing sewage gas to seep through. The gas is hazardous to everyone in the home including pets.

*As a reminder, water leaks require immediate attention from a professional plumber contractor. Once you get in contact with one, they are able to assess the leak detection, restore the issue abiding by city and state building codes, give you a solution that will save you money in the long run and even help with repairs related to home insurance coverage.

If you detect a water leak, contact ASAP Plumbing immediately at 228-865-2727 or visit and request a free estimate! We handle services including installation, repair and full water heater replacement.

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