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Top 10 Most Interesting Plumber Finds from House Calls
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Top 10 Most Interesting Plumber Finds from House Calls

Top 10 Most Interesting Finds from House Calls

Top 10 Most Interesting Plumber Finds from House Calls

Most people don’t think that being a plumber is a very interesting or adventurous job, but sometimes plumbers find the amazing or mysterious inside of the pipes they work on. You’ll be shocked to read some of the examples we found. Read on for ten of the most interesting things plumbers have found during house calls.

Tiny toys:

Children have a notorious reputation for sending small and medium sized toys down the drains after they first discover the power of flushing the toilet. One plumber living in North Carolina was called. After he had unclogged the commode of a small family, it was discovered that the clog was caused by a toy dinosaur that the child had flushed down the toilet drain.

Toys found in the toilet


Another more interesting find involves a full set of dentures. A plumber in California received a call from the airport about a clog in the men’s restroom. He expected it to be the usual clog of too much toilet paper or the occasional dropped wallet. When he finally got the pipes open, he found a full set of dentures smiling at him from within the pipe. He knew the person that lost the dentures didn’t want them back, so he hung them up in the supply closet underneath a pair of lost sunglasses and named the face “John” in honor of the pseudonym for toilets.

Teeth found in the toilet

Hairy clogs:

A plumber in Washington was called out to unclog a large drainage pipe and ended up pulling out a twelve-foot-long length of tangled hair. It was the longest strand of hair ever found in a drain.

Hairy Clogs


Several years ago, when the iPhone 5s hit the market, a plumber got a call from an airport in the ladies’ restroom. When he finally unclogged the toilet, he found a fully plastic-wrapped, brand-new iPhone. However, airport policy prevented him from keeping the phone and he had to turn it into lost and found.

iPhone Clogs


Two employees at an auto repair shop found a small kitten stuck in the underground drain pipe just outside the shop. They attempted to get the kitten free on their own, but failed. They were forced to call in a plumber near the area. Eventually, he was able to retrieve the kitten using a small vacuum. The kitten was later adopted by the shop’s mechanic.

Animal Clogs


In the Chicago suburbs trees can grow for decades, spreading theirs roots through the ground. In this instance, a massive tree spread its roots into the city pipes and clogged houses. A group of plumbers pulled out a 30-foot root from inside the pipes.



A plumber living in Florida received a house call from a nearby neighborhood. He was surprised to find that when he unclogged the drain, a huge python crawled out. Now that’s something you don’t want to see crawling out at you!


Priceless jewelry:

A woman living in Michigan frantically called a plumber when she accidentally flushed her $7,000 engagement ring down the toilet. He managed to save the ring by attaching a fiber optic camera to a clothes hanger to see down the drain and retrieve the ring. We’re not sure how their marriage is still doing, but the ring was rescued at least.


A team of plumbers in England were tasked with the dirty task of cleaning out a 15-pound lump of food fats from a kitchen drain in a residential apartment that had slowly built up over time. We can only imagine the smell.

Old Relics:

City plumbers in Downtown Pampa unearthed a century old wooden pipe. It was donated to the White Deer Land Museum. Yea, pipes used to be made out of wood. The more you know!

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