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Electrical energy is the main source for households and businesses alike. It keeps modern-day appliances and devices running smoothly. At Professional Electric, generators are one of the tools our contractors use for various purposes without false interruptions for all.

Providing Safety Measures and More

Generators come in handy for a variety of residential and commercial services when there is a blackout or power outage due to a natural disaster. Professional Electric understands the benefits a generator can provide while taking into account the hazardous side of short fuzes without it. To provide safety measures, generators are carefully assigned to each facility based on the wattages it needs, the type of fuel source it will use and how well it does on performance. Though whole house generators are meant to provide temporary electricity for long periods of time much like extension cords, there are automatic emergency settings that help while troubleshooting is underway.

Use of Generators During New Construction Phase

Generators work as a temporary power source (such as portable or standby models) during new construction phases otherwise known as breaking ground. HVAC systems will work as normal, as well as the ability to use other power tools as normal. As electrical circuits become readily available, a generator will provide sufficient power to continue to the construction phase outdoors. One of the neat features of generators is that they provide electrical connection when other houses on the block can’t get their power back. Utility companies may take up to hours to find a diagnosis and get the power running again. A common power outage due to severe storms leaves a generator up for the challenge as it is weatherproof tested and a reliable source of power. Save your household food from spoiling or your business from going south. A generator gives you a quick solution to common electrical disturbances and makes for an effective operating tool year-round.

Code Compliance and Testing

Different types of generators come in all shapes and sizes. No matter the model or wattage amount, our team of electricians will always ensure to keep up with code compliance even if it means bringing in a generator to do the charging. Professional installation may be needed on some generators and our electricians will gladly do the installing for you. Smart features in our generators include self-diagnostic testing and personal training on our staff for proper fuel storage. Other features may include integrated carbon monoxide sensors to alert for safety.

What Can Cause My Toilet to Clog?

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How Do You Know If You Have A Leak

Having a water leak in your walls can be extremely nerve-wracking. Unidentified water leaks can cause significant damage unless they’re fixed ASAP. Even then, it could cost you a pretty penny.

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commercial plumbing

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