Why is cold water not coming out of my shower? | ASAP Plumbing Why is cold water not coming out of my shower? | ASAP Plumbing
Why is cold water not coming out of my shower?
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Why is cold water not coming out of my shower?

why is cold water not coming out of my shower

Why is cold water not coming out of my shower?

Cold water not coming out of my shower

We sometimes take for granted the privilege of having hot water on demand. We use it to take a nice warm bath after a long day of work, and other household uses like washing laundry or showering. But how hot is too hot? Although hot water typically takes longer to generate, cold water may sometimes be an issue, and may not be coming out of the shower. A lack of cold water could result in extremely hot water temperatures that can cause serious burns to the skin. Learn more about why cold water is not coming out of your shower.

Assessing faucets in the home

Before determining why cold water is not working in the showerhead, assessing other faucets in the home to see if they have the same issue may provide quick solutions. For example, when other faucets have the same issue, it may be a minor, quick and easy fix. The shut-off valve, located in the water supply line, may simply need the flip of a switch to get the cold water functioning properly again. But, when this is not the case, a plumbing repair should be underway.

Pressure-balancing valve problem

When the pressure-balancing valves begin to have problems caused by corrosion and mineral build-up, it cannot function properly thus, causing water pressure issues. The hot water then overtakes that pressure, and since it is not evenly distributed, the cold water will not disperse from the faucet or showerhead. This is where it becomes a bigger problem since the pressure-balancing valve is known to be defective. Luckily, there are trained plumbing professionals who can solve this problem with the right tools.

Broken shower cartridge

The balancing spool is an important component of what makes the shower cartridge have both hot and cold water. However, when it is broken it clearly creates a division between hot water coming out first and cold water not coming out at all. A certified residential plumber, equipped with the necessary tools, can successfully make the switch from the old to the new cartridge. Some homeowners choose to replace the cartridge themselves, but we do advise you to hire a professional as the steps can be quite tedious. Once the plumbing repair has been made, you can expect to have running cold water in no time.

Good to note: As the residential plumbing repair is made, built-up mineral deposits are dissolved using a special cleaner by the plumber to avoid future pressure issues. Plumbers will also follow manufacturer and coding recommendations at the same time to ensure the new cartridge aligns without problems.

Get your water pressure running smoothly and enjoy both water temperatures to your liking with a cartridge repair. Contact ASAP Plumbing immediately at 228-865-2727 or visit www.plumbinggulfportms.com and request a free estimate! We handle services including installation, repair and full water heater replacement.

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