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Sewer Line Repairs: When Tree Roots Invade
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Sewer Line Repairs: When Tree Roots Invade

Sewer Line Repairs: When Tree Roots Invade

Sewer Line Repairs: When Tree Roots Invade

While April showers bring May flowers, showers for tree roots might not be sufficient. Sometimes tree roots can grow out of hand and suffer from not absorbing enough water, which causes them to invade your sewer pipelines. The damages can vary but mainly consist of clogged drains and low running water that comes from the toilet, which can bring your sewer lines down. Luckily, there are solutions such as sewer line repairs and installations you can follow to prevent further infiltration.

Use a Tree Root Cleaner

A common form of sewer line repair is to use a tree root killer. This repair method can easily be used for fast results and save you money from having to cut down any trees. The tree root killer is made up of a solution that helps unclog and cut the roots intact. Additionally, corrosion is prevented with the help of the solution. It is recommended you use the root killer at least once each year to ensure the space between the pipes continues to stay free of the roots. The root killer cleaner can be found in most hardware stores, while some people choose to use hard chemicals and DIY it at home.

Trenchless Sewer Installation

A trenchless sewer installation requires the work of a professional plumber. In the case that the roots cannot be cleared out with the use of manually adding chemicals, this type of installation can be used. Plumbers use the technology to replace sewer lines without the mess and hassle of making holes in your backyard. Another benefit is that the trenchless installation lasts longer compared to other methods that use non-degradable material.

Drain Snake/Camera Inspection

A drain snake is a handy tool used by plumbers while its purpose is to clear any clogs in pipes. However, a drain snake might not always do the trick. Sometimes, a camera inspection is needed to take a closer look at what exactly needs fixing. This way, any issues are handled promptly.

Repiping Installation

In the worst-case scenario, the solution to your sewer line repair would be a repiping installation. This usually happens when the pipes are severely cracked, corroded or old. The installation process consists of treating the roots with poison while still protecting the tree and sealing lines if needed.

No matter which type of sewer line repair you choose, always call in a professional to ensure safety and determine the best fix.

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