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What Causes Plumbing to Make Noise?
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What Causes Plumbing to Make Noise?

What Causes Plumbing to Make Noise?

What Causes Plumbing to Make Noise?

Imagine this. You are sitting at home on a Friday night binging some of your favorite shows and you hear a noise in your home that is unfamiliar to you. Whether it’s a high-pitched squeal, a deep rumble rivaling a Chewbacca-Esque roar or a short quick pop right behind you, unrecognizable sounds usually lead to concern. Those random noises can be scary for multiple reasons. You may think there is an intruder (uh-oh!), or you may realize it is your plumbing and you have no idea where to start. Noises coming from your plumbing can be an indicator of many issues. Don’t freak out right away, these noises may not be the end all be all for your pipes so you shouldn’t count it a loss just yet.

The first noise from your plumbing can be a banging. Banging can be caused by issues with your water pressure or water flow, two of the worst things you can hear when all you want to do is take a nice, hot shower. This is a result of water hammers or trapped air bubbles. Water hammers happen when a valve in your pipe suddenly closes and causes water to slam into it. Additionally, air bubbles can be trapped when there are issues with your water line. If air bubbles are the cause of the banging, you will notice issues when turning on your faucet. This can be a louder bang when you turn on the faucet or a sputtering as the air bubbles travel.

In addition to banging, you may hear humming. If your water pressure is too high for what your pipes can handle this may result in vibration of the pipes, thus causing a humming noise. Regulating the exact water pressure needed is no small feat. Gurgling is a noise that never leads to something positive. This sound can be from your pipes having issues draining, which can be caused by an obstruction. This obstruction can be from an earring that you have been missing, soap scum, hard water deposits and many other issues. When any clog occurs, it causes a pocket of air to surround it, causing the air to travel up the pipe. The buildup can cause water to build up, not allowing air bubbles to pass through appropriately.

The pipes in your home travel mostly behind walls, floors and ceilings. Therefore, there are some pipes that may be suspended. If these pipes are not fastened correctly and fall, it can cause a rattle. Have you noticed a squeak or squeal in your pipes? You may have an issue with a component in your plumbing. This is an issue that typically occurs near your appliances. Your appliances can be a worn-out or broken washer causing the issue. For such a small item, it can cause a large noise. Like gurgling, a buildup in your plumbing can also cause squeaking.

Finally, if you hear dripping, it can be hard to track down. There should never be a dripping noise when no faucets or appliances are turned on. As in many other noises, air pressure could cause a dripping noise. Plumbing is a complicated issue and most of the time requires a professional. If you are tired of following the plumbing noises around your house, it may be time to bring in the big guns.

Here at ASAP Plumbing we can inspect and tell you where that noise is coming from and tell you what is causing it. Contact us today to schedule your appointment by calling (228) 865-2727.

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