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Unclogging Bathtub Drains
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Unclogging Bathtub DrainsGULFPORT, MS

Unclogging Bathtub Drains

Oh no - the shower or bathtub drain is clogged again! Who forgot to clean it out? This is an annoying circumstance that happens quite often in everyday life, especially if you share your bathroom with a partner, or your family - those darn kids!


Most likely, this is caused by excess hair. If you’ve tried everything, with no luck, it may save you a headache by dialing a professional. If you’re just starting out to fix the problem, try our tips if it’s more serious than our outline - just give us a call - we’ll fix you right up.


Plunger Rescue


If your water is not draining, use a plunger to get it going again. Place your plunger along the drain opening and pump for about one minute. This should loosen up the opening allowing water to flow through.


Not working? Try duct tape on your sides of the drain to block the overflow holes - then continue to plunge. Duct tape helps secure less air flow so the plunger can work with more dramatic effect.


Remove the Drain


You can likely remove your drain with household tools, such as a screwdriver - this will help you access trapped debris that is occurring in your drain to stop water flow. If you have a drain stopper connected to your tub, you’ll need to remove that too. From this point, you may be able to grab anything that’s blocking the drain with your hands (good idea to wear gloves!) or with other tools in your home.


Try a Hand Snake


Have you heard of “snaking the drain”? This handy tool, which can be grabbed at any home improvement store - might be your solution to get down and dirty with whatever has clogged up your shower or bathtub. Most handshakes will have instructions right on the side of their purchasing labels.


Try a Natural Way to Control Odors


If you think your drain might be clogged up by excess product use - we’re looking at your conditioner, Pour a cup of baking soda, then one cup of vinegar, which will foam overnight to help clear your drain. In the morning, be sure to run hot water to flush the mixture out. This is also a great way to conclude your efforts from step one, and step two to neutralize any foul smells.


We hope one of these methods works for you - we’re on standby if you need to call a professional, or in the case, it just gets too ‘yucky’! If your plumbing needs to be repaired, contact ASAP Plumbing today at 228-865-2727 or visit www.plumbinggulfportms.com and request a free estimate! We can handle all your plumbing needs including installation, repair, and full water heater replacement.



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