Types of water heaters and what is right for you | Gulfport, MS Types of water heaters and what is right for you | Gulfport, MS
Types of water heaters and what is right for you
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Types of water heaters and what is right for you

Types of water heaters and what is right for you

Types of water heaters and what is right for you

Quarantined at home or just a homebody during the holiday season? If so, you might find yourself taking more frequent hot baths or showers while being mindful of how much hot water you actually use before it is gone. In this case, the need for a new water heater installation or a repair may be needed due to a high bill, not enough capacity or wanting hot water on-demand. We briefly discuss the types of water heaters available for your home based on what is right for you below.

Storage Water Heater

A storage water heater is your typical heater found in most homes. They are known to last about a decade and vary in size and capacity. They are also known to be easy to keep up with as far as maintenance and with water heater repair. However, they do use more energy especially, in cold weather since it is constantly working to maintain the water hot. If you are on a tight budget, and are in need of one immediately, this type of heater is best suited for you.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless version of a water heater has become the new and popular choice of water heater installation. It gives you unlimited hot water with double the lifespan. Looking for minimalistic space? The tankless water heater brings you a compact, mounted feature and lightweight installation. This heater is great for those willing to pay a larger upfront cost keeping in mind that an upgrade on electrical work may be needed. In return, you get the unlimited hot water experience with a lower energy bill as an added bonus.

Point of Use Water Heater

You will find convenience with a point-of-use water heater installation as it can be used across multiple industries and in spare bathrooms in your home taking up less than 20 gallons per day. Perfect for your indoor or outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi for relaxation during cold winter months! It hooks up easily to fixtures and can be used in place of a central electric or gas tank as a water heater repair system. Not only is it the most affordable water heater, but it gives you the flexibility to quickly adjust the temperature while giving you on-demand hot water as needed.

Smart Water Heaters

Receive the most out of technology with a smart water heater installation. In the form of a thermostat or tankless option, it works with your current heater as it gives you Wi-fi features with a digital display. A smart water heater is right for you if you enjoy monitoring your energy use and receiving notified alerts on possible tank leakage right at your fingertips.

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