Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill
Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill
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Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill

Tips to save money on your water bill

Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill

A slow drip from a faucet may not seem like much, but did you know you have to pay for every last drop? Leaky pipes and faucets can quickly drive up your water bill and put a damper on your budget. Learn how to save money on your water bill by following these quick and easy tips!

Reduce Water in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most expensive areas of the home when it comes to water consumption. Between toilets, bathtubs and brushing your teeth, it's easy to see how it all adds up. Shorten your showers since this uses the most amount of water and don’t let the water run while you're brushing your teeth.

Dishwasher vs Hand Washing

Here’s some good news when it comes to saving money on your water bill, using a dishwasher is better than hand washing your dishes. How? Dishwashers are programmed to use a certain amount of water per load. And now with more energy efficient washers on the market you can save more cash.

Invest in Low-Flow Fixtures

Over the years, plumbing fixtures have been upgraded to help conserve water. Low-flow faucet fixtures are designed to reduce the amount of water flowing from the faucet by incorporating air. Install a low-flow shower head so you can get back to those relaxing shower sessions. Adding a low-flow toilet will save you money instead of flushing it down the drain.

Limit Watering Your Lawn

Maintaining a green lawn not only takes a lot of work, but it also takes a lot of water. Reduce your water usage by setting your sprinklers on a timer and adding mulch to you plants. Mulching will help the greenery absorb water and keep saturated for a longer period of time. Adding a rain barrel is also a great way to conserve rain water.

Call a Plumber for an Assessment

If you are practicing these water conservation methods but feel the bill is higher than normal, you may need to call in a professional. A plumber can conduct a thorough assessment of your home’s piping system. A plumber can all also help provide more information on the best ways to conserve water and save money.

Reduce the amount of water you use by following these helpful tips! You’ll not only save money on water bills but you’ll help conserve a necessary natural resource.

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