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Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet
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Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

Warning Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

When it comes to replacing household appliances, the regular victims of wear and tear that come to mind are popular items like your air conditioner or washing machine. We know these items require maintenance when they make funny sounds, or they may even shut down completely when it’s time for a replacement, but what about the items that we do not normally think of? What about household necessities like a toilet? Below are some warning signs that it may be time to replace your toilet.

Wear and Tear

The most obvious sign that it is time to replace your toilet is regular wear and tear. Your toilet may develop cracks in and around the toilet bowl. These cracks allow leaks that cause puddles on the bathroom floor. Cracks very quickly become a health hazard during flushes, because they can leak toilet water and human waste onto the floor. The good thing is that this issue is very easy to spot, clean and fix quickly!

Rocking Chair

The last thing you want is your toilet to become a rocking chair. We are not just talking about the toilet seat sliding, which you can fix by tightening the seat. We mean that when you sit down, the toilet itself begins to rock back and forth. It may sound crazy, but as toilets are used, they begin to wobble. This is a common occurrence and is a sure sign that it is time to upgrade.

Age is Just a Number

The old saying is that “age is just a number,” but not for your toilet! Did you know that any toilet made before 1994 that holds more than 1.6 gallons of water is required to be replaced according to federal law? Check to see when your toilet was made and see if it is time for a replacement.

Continuous Repairs

Sometimes patching up a toilet is just not enough. There are options for small maintenance that may be needed throughout a toilet’s life. A crack can be plugged or a toilet tightened to the wall, but if you find yourself repairing the toilet more than using it...it may be time to say goodbye. Repairs add up quickly and do not always hold, so before embarking on a journey to fix up your toilet, consider the option of investing in a new one.

Water Bill Help

The average toilet bowl holds around a gallon of water. During a flush, older toilet models can use up to an additional three to five gallons per flush. If you have a large family, using the toilet will cause the water bill to skyrocket. New environmentally-friendly models are great for water bills because they do not use as much water per flush. This way you save money and help the environment!

Plumbing is a vital part of the home, but also one of the most confusing for the everyday resident. If you are not sure if it is time for your family to have a new toilet installation, give us a call and we can help find the right fit for you!

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