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The Worst Bathroom Decorations
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The Worst Bathroom Decorations

The Worst Bathroom Decorations

The Worst Bathroom Decorations

We all have seen that bathroom. You know the one we’re talking about. The one that might have been cool once, but now it just needs to go. There have been some interesting style choices and trends for bathrooms throughout the years, but we are here to round the top worst bathroom decorations ever. Let’s all take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Shag Carpet Seat Toilet Covers

We are ashamed to admit that this was ever a trend...let alone the fact that there are still people clinging onto this trend with dear hope that the shaggy goodness will come back around to steal everyone’s hearts. Not only was this style way too over the top, but gross! The bacteria build up in the faux fur would multiply in the heat of everyday showers and continue to grow until your toilet cover was unsanitary beyond belief. This trend needs to STAY in the ’70s. Keep covers off your toilet seats and keep them clean, people!

Under the Sea

We have seen this common bathroom theme evolve throughout all trends and styles. While it can be done well, it can also go very, very wrong. Always keep in mind when going beachy, less is more! Your guests should feel like they are at a beach vacation home, not the inside of a fishbowl. Keep the color scheme nice and light, with decor touches that hint at the sea theme throughout the room.

Tile, Tile and More Tile

Tile floors. Tile walls. Tile backsplash. We get it! Tile is very popular, but it is also very distracting when done poorly. Keep your tile’s color scheme simple and remember, tile looks different in the small sample than laid out across the whole floor. Loud color patterns and combinations cause a room to feel busy and appear tacky. Now don’t get us wrong, tile is a great choice for the bathroom. It’s durable, easy to clean and looks great when it’s done well. However, let’s learn from the checkered patterns of the ’70s and stick to simple color schemes!

Ring, Ring, Telephone

Sometimes, it’s best to let some things stay private. Whoever thought of installing telephones next to the toilet probably meant well...maybe. While it’s great to be able to answer the phone all the time, do we really want to? In our opinion, let’s use the bathroom to go to the bathroom.

Designs evolve and change with the times and we love seeing which trends stand the test of time and which ones leave us horrified at how we used to show off our home. No matter what style choice you use to decorate your bathroom, always ensure you’re keeping it well maintained and clean!

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