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The Importance of Water Pressure Reducing Valves
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The Importance of Water Pressure Reducing Valves

The Importance of Water Pressure Reducing Valves

You hardly ever hear anyone complain that they have too much water pressure. Usually, the complaint comes that water seems to be barely dribbling out. So why would anyone want to lessen the water pressure supply? Having too high of water pressure can cost you more money and hassle. A pressure reducing valve helps to protect your pipes, fixtures and wallet.

Protects Your Plumbing

Too high of water pressure puts an added strain on your pipes. This extra strain causes your pipes to become damaged and leak or even to burst. Either way, the pipes will need repairing and they will need to be repaired more frequently than if the water pressure was lower. A professional plumber will be able to tell you the right water pressure to maintain a balance between protecting your pipes and having a good, steady flow.

Protects Your Fixtures/Appliances

Just as your pipes can be damaged from too high of water pressure, your fixtures and appliances can also be damaged from the high rate of water streaming through and inside them. Fixtures like faucets and shower heads are likely to become damaged and leak when they cannot handle the water pressure which will cause them to need to be replaced more often. Appliances that use your water supply (like dishwashers and washing machines) also require more frequent repairs from the added stress of high water pressure.

A common problem from high water pressure is the bursting of washing machine hoses. Rubber hoses are likely to rupture when too much water is trying to flow through them too quickly. When the pressure builds up and the hose bursts, flooding is likely and then more than just the hose will need to be repaired or replaced.

Protects Your Wallet

Not counting the savings that will occur when you don’t have to make the frequent repairs listed above, your wallet will enjoy the savings that come from installing a pressure reducing valve. Lower water pressure means a lesser amount of water flowing through your pipes, so more savings on your water bill. Less water also means that less heat will be needed to heat the water which results in savings on your electric bill as well.

Unsure if your water pressure is too high? You may need a water pressure reducing valve if: you have splash back in your sinks, banging pipes, frequent leaks and ruptures, or excessive noise from your water-using appliances.

Water pressure reducing valves should be installed directly after the water meter and must be correctly sized and fitted according to your existing water pressure and piping. If you need help getting your valve installed correctly or your pressure to the right level, ask a professional for help. Call ASAP Plumbing today at 228-865-2727 or visit www.plumbinggulfportms.com and request a free estimate! We can handle all your plumbing needs including installation, repair and full water heater replacement.

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