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Preparing Your Plumbing for Spring
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Preparing Your Plumbing for Spring

Preparing Your Plumbing for Spring

Preparing Your Plumbing for Spring

Get your spring checklist ready and cross off that plumbing task you’ve been dreading. What was once a long winter with frozen and worn out pipes can now be a great time to prepare for essential maintenance on your plumbing system. For example, things like a leaky outdoor hose are indicators; it is time to fix it before it gets worse.

Fix Any Leaky Pipes

Plan your spring to-do list without any of the mess or by throwing your money out the window. Although leaky pipes are a typical household outburst, they end up accumulating with higher prices, as seen on your water bill over time because of the constant spill. Leaky pipes include bathroom faucets, showers, hoses in your garden/backyard and even sprinklers. Hoses are known to accumulate areas of dry rot over time if not cared for, which will have to be replaced. You will also want to check to see if the water-shutoff valve from the pump has any leaks as well. If it does, make sure to replace it.

Repair Clogged Drains

The long winter days leave many people stuck inside--not to mention food stuck in other places as well. Sinks and garbage disposals can get clogged up with gunk causing low water pressure. Your dishwasher drain catcher should also be thoroughly cleaned out. Even though there are natural ways to unclog a drain, sometimes large amounts of it will require a professional to do it.

Test The Sump Pump

During the winter months, the sump pump will most likely be frozen and start melting in the springtime. This is a great time to test out the sump pump since the groundwater will rise. Be sure to test out the sump pump by adding water to the pit as it drains from the outside of your home.

Check Water Heater Temperature

Now that winter is gone, you may have forgotten to adjust your water heater temperature setting. It is ideal to set it around 120 degrees Farenhieght, but some people prefer those steamy hot showers during freezing temperatures. By keeping the temperature at the recommended setting, it helps limit scorching heats and the potential for burning of the skin. Plus, it saves energy in springtime!.

Drain Water Heater

Sediment accumulates in water heaters, so cleaning it out around springtime is recommended. Removing sediment will help extend the heater’s lifespan and can quickly be done with the help of a plumber.

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