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Plumbing Spring Cleaning Tips
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Plumbing Spring Cleaning Tips GULFPORT, MS

Plumbing Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring and summer are here! Warmer weather, longer days and...spring cleaning. Many homeowners and renters alike overlook plumbing in their spring cleaning. But while we love your business, there are many proactive things you can do to reduce plumbing disasters. Make the following easy steps part of your spring cleaning checklist and you’ll also be able to cross “plumbing crisis” off of that list!


Outside your home


  • Inspect all of your exposed pipes for leaks.


  • Make sure all of your gutters and downspouts are thoroughly cleaned and free of debris.


  • Check your water heater’s temperature. The appropriate temperature is a consistent 120 degrees. This prevents scalding and a high energy bill.


  • Check outside faucets for mineral buildup and leaks. Replace faucet heads that are in disrepair. Invest in hoseheads that minimize water usage and organizational tools to keep the hoses wound up nicely. Check your hoses for leaks.


  • For larger lawns, many homeowners invest in an irrigation system. This is a great way to keep that lawn lush. But broken sprinkler heads and more defeat the purpose. If you have an outdoor irrigation system, take some time to turn it on and observe the zones. Look for sprinkler head breakage and sprinkler heads out of alignment. These issues cause water waste and poor lawn maintenance because the irrigation doesn’t get to its intended destination!


Inside your home


  • The simplest first step is to go through the house treating all of your drains with bacterial drain cleaner. This is inexpensive and effective. Take time to address frequent clogging issues by snaking the drain.


  • Now that all drains are spic and span, fit them all with mesh strainers. This prevents hair and debris from clogging up drains. Clogged drains are one of the most preventable plumbing expenses.


  • If you worry about sewage backup into your home, consider having a backflow valve installed. Some cities are requiring these now in properties that are close to city sewage maintenance areas.


  • Jiggling your toilet handle often? If your toilet runs on its own regularly, this is usually a sign that the tank parts are outworn and ready for replacing. Taking care of this issue is fairly easy and inexpensive with parts bought at the local hardware or big box store.


  • Speaking of the toilet, check your toilet bowls for cracks. You may have to replace the bowl altogether or the cracks may be repairable depending upon the extent.


  • To check your toilets for leaks use this easy trick: place about 8 drops of food coloring in the tank. If your toilet is leaking you’ll see color inside the bowl within the next half hour.


  • Clean your washing machine lint trap. Use a vinegar and water solution to wipe down the inside of the washer and dryer. Hand wash the dryer vent with gentle soap solution to remove any debris.


  • What’s the status of your garbage disposal? Do a thorough maintenance check and cleaning it to prevent unnecessary replacement. Although garbage disposals are fairly inexpensive, it’s many times an unnecessary use of funds and time and can be easily prevented.


When you’re ready for that well-earned summer vacation, take a look at these handy tips.


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