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How To Prevent Frozen Pipes
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How To Prevent Frozen PipesGULFPORT, MS

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Winter weather brings with it a lot of harsh elements including continuous rounds of subfreezing temperatures. As the temps go down the chance of your pipes freezing goes up. Pipes that are unprotected or not properly insulated can freeze and burst, resulting in flooding and costly water damage. Prevent your pipes from freezing by following these tips.

Let the Faucet Drip
If you know the temps are going to drop below 32 degrees, turn the faucets on slightly and allow them to drip a little. Water that is flowing is less likely to freeze if it is continuously moving. Water expands as it freezes and this expansion can cause the pipe to burst. The majority of insurance claims filed after a hard freeze are the result of pipe burst. This little trick can save you money and a lot of headaches.

Turn on the Heat
A heated home is essential during the winter months. Not only does it provide you warmth but it can also prevent your pipes from freezing. Thermostats kept above 55 degrees will keep your pipes warm morning and night. Adjust the heat before you leave for work or before you go on that holiday vacation. This will prevent any surprises from happening upon your return.

Insulate the Pipes
Check the pipes in your attic or basement for proper insulation. Fitting these pipes with foam rubber sleeves is a simple solution to reduce the chances of them freezing. Add additional insulation to any pipes or faucets located outside of your home. This will help the pipes maintain a temperature that is near the same as the water inside.

Let the Air Flow
Allow the warm air inside your home to circulate by keeping the interior doors open. A closed off room could become too cold and could cause the pipes running above or in the walls to freeze if the temperature drops. Keeping the whole house warm ensures the pipes in all the rooms will be kept above freezing.
Most pipes are also located in the cabinet spaces of kitchens and bathrooms. These areas are prone to becoming much colder since they are rarely heated by warm air. Leave these doors open as well so the heat can flow through the space.

Close the Garage
We all know to keep the garage door closed for safety and privacy, but it can also aid in preventing frozen pipes. Most water lines run through the garage and can easily freeze if the door is left open.

Don’t let the winter season be a bust with a pipe burst. A properly heated and insulated home is the best way to prevent pipes from freezing. Call ASAP Plumbing today to make sure your pipes are correctly insulated and ready for cold weather.

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