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How To Change Your Showerhead
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How To Change Your Showerhead

How To Change Your Showerhead

Does your showerhead leak just a little? Does it look outdated and corroded? It may be time to change your showerhead. If you want to update your showerhead with a piece that is more modern or energy efficient, you can easily change it yourself!

Selecting the Right Showerhead

Today’s showerheads come in many styles and finishes with a variety of options. One of the most important features is that they can help save you money on your water bill. Low flow showerheads use less water per minute without affecting the water pressure outflow.

You can also select from showerheads that are larger in shape, handheld or omit a rainfall effect. Choose the right showerhead that meets your needs.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Towel or mat
  • Showerhead
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Teflon tape


Be sure to turn off the water before you begin!

Step 1:

Protect your tub or shower stall by covering the bottom with a towel, mat or another type of protective material. This will ensure the porcelain or tile does not get damaged during the procedure. Now, place a rag over the old showerhead and twist it counterclockwise with your hand. If you have difficulty removing it by hand, place the rag on the joint between the shower arm and head. Use either your slip-joint pliers or adjustable wrench to turn counterclockwise and remove. Remove the shower arm as well. Be sure to clean any dirt, rust, old sealant or mineral deposits from the opening.  

Step 2:

Slide the escutcheon plate onto the shower arm. Take the Teflon tape and apply it around the threads (also known as linear grooves) on both ends of the shower arm. It normally takes up to three passes of tape to create a good seal on the arm. Press the tape into the grooves with each pass. The Teflon tape will ensure a snug fit and will help prevent leaks within the showerhead connections.

Step 3:

Screw the shower arm back into the wall. Take your new showerhead and screw it in a clockwise motion onto the shower arm. Make sure it is secured tightly in order to prevent leaks. Next, turn the water on and test your new showerhead. If you do see a leak, ensure the head is on the shower arm tight. You may have to apply more Teflon tape.

If you are installing a hand-held shower, simply mount the piece onto the shower arm. Hand tightens the connections of the shower hose to the mount and the hand-held shower. Be sure to test for leaks as well.

Using this guide will help you easily install your own showerhead. To keep your new showerhead in the best shape you should clean it regularly to prevent any mineral build up or scaling. You can now enjoy long-lasting and relaxing showers thanks to your new showerhead.

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