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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions
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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

You might feel lost or shy when it comes to asking specific plumbing questions that may seem obvious. But have no fear, we have got the answers to common questions you need here! Even if it is a small problem, it can quickly turn into a disaster, so don’t wait and ask away.

Why are My Pipes Leaking? Looking underneath your sink and find that a pipe is leaking water? It’s usually because of built-up residue coming from the P-trap pipe which can easily be removed by loosening the nuts. After that, clean out any gunk that is remaining and re-attach the pipe. You can also use plumbers tape and epoxy putty to stop leaking temporarily.

Why is My Sink/Tub Clogged? Pipes that are backed up by things like hair or gunk prevent the normal flow of water in your drain, which can become frustrating. So how do you know what’s under there? The only way to find out is to get what is in, out. You can try necessary home remedies such as using a plunger, making a vinegar/baking soda solution to pour down the drain or using the old metal hook method to push, twist and pull out anything that is stuck. Remember to protect your drains by putting a strainer to catch anything from falling through.

Why is My Water Pressure Low? There can be minor or serious reasons as to why your water pressure is low, things like checking the shut-off valve is closed or taking out any particles that are blocking the drains. If your blockage problem is too severe, you may need to call a plumber.

What is the Correct Temperature for My Water Heater? Nothing is worse than wanting to take a nice, hot shower and turning the faucet all the way to red only for the water to not be the temperature you were anticipating. You want to make sure you set your temperature to a safe range. The recommended temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t exceed this limit or you run the risk of burning yourself with scalding hot water.

Why is My Water Bill Higher Than Usual? If your water bill is higher than usual, you may be surprised to find out that it might be those tiny drops of water coming from your tub, sink, pipes or even your sprinkler head. Also known as water waste, this is easily preventable by knowing where the source is coming from. Be sure to check that the toilet flapper and fill valve are working correctly and not broken. You can also check your water meter dial for any sudden changes in movement from the needle that indicates a leakage.

If any of these simple DIY tricks do not work, call ASAP plumbing to have one of our professionals come take a look and fix it right away. If your plumbing needs to be repaired, contact ASAP plumbing today at 228-865-2727 or visit www.plumbinggulfportms.com and request a free estimate! We can handle all your plumbing needs including installation, repair and full water heater replacement.

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