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Fall Checklist for Your Plumbing
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Fall Checklist for Your Plumbing

Fall Plumbing Checklist

Fall Checklist for Your Plumbing

The breezy and cool fall air has finally arrived but it only means the biting cold weather isn’t far behind. The harsh winter months can take a toll on your home’s plumbing system. Prevent future plumbing problems by following this checklist for fall maintenance.

Inspect Outside Faucets

Leaking or dripping outdoor faucets will need attention before temperatures begin to drop. You can repair the faucet yourself or call a plumber. If you have a sprinkler system, you will need a professional to stop by and shut off the water supply.

Water Heater Maintenance

Nothing is worse for cold weather than a failed water heater. Flushing the water heating yearly will remove the mineral deposits that have built up on the inside. Overtime, this buildup of sediment causes corrosion which can reduce efficiency and shorten the lifespan of your water heater. A lot of steps are involved with flushing the tank so it’s best to have a plumber do the job.

Disconnect Water Hoses

Water hoses that are left connected to the outdoor spigot run the risk of freezing and expanding which could potentially damage your plumbing system. Disconnect all outdoor hoses and properly insulate the spigots by using a foam faucet cover. These can be purchased at any hardware supply store.

Remove Gutter Debris

The colors of leaves during fall are beautiful, but they can cause big trouble for you when they begin to fall and collect in your gutters. The debris left in the gutters can cause blockage and improper drainage during the colder months.

Insulate Pipes

Pipes located in unheated parts of the home are more prone freezing which leave a big, wet mess. These areas include the garage, crawl spaces and the attic. Pipes in these spaces need proper insulation since they are more prone to succumbing to the cold. Proper insulation will help prevent these pipes from freezing. Simply wrap the pipes with heat tape or a type of tubular sleeve. This will help keep the water at a comfortable temperature during freezing weather.

Seal Leaks

Do you feel a draft in the house despite having the heat turned up? Improperly sealed windows and doors can drive up energy loss and costs. Inspect your windows and doors for cracks and caulk any leaks you spot. Apply weatherstripping to seal the openings of windows and doors for added energy savings.

Prepare your home’s plumbing system for the harsh winter weather. You’ll save yourself time and money in the long run while protecting your investment. Contact the plumbing professionals today at ASAP Plumbing for further inspection of your home’s system.

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