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Do I need a garbage disposal?
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Do I need a garbage disposal?

Do I need a garbage disposal?

Do I need a garbage disposal?

Could your kitchen sink be missing an easy-to-install kitchen upgrade? Many are shocked to find out that a garbage disposal is part of modern day kitchen appliances. Besides its understood functionality, garbage disposals have other great benefits homeowners find to be useful. Stuck on rather or not you need a garbage disposal for your home? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before installing.

Do you have dishes in your sink or eat in frequently?

If you answered yes, you would definitely benefit from a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals make cleaning up a breeze with just the switch of a button or by choosing a continuous feed type of unit. Parents with larger families, or individuals with busy schedules, find garbage disposals convenient because it saves time from getting every piece of crumb or hard stuck on foods from surfaces.

Are you looking for an affordable sanitary option for your sink?

Allowing scraps of food to sit in the garbage can or sink for long periods of time will accumulate large amounts of bacteria. The fumes will also fill the air making your home air quality worse over time. Garbage disposals work as a dispenser to quickly get rid of food scraps and are an affordable way to provide an addition to your sink. It is still more sanitary than throwing garbage elsewhere and can easily be cleaned and deodorized with a homemade natural solution using vinegar, lemons and baking soda.

Do you care about helping the environment?

By getting a garbage disposal installed, you are also helping the environment. Getting a garbage disposal brings a conscious effort to your home while avoiding biohazardous waste and exposure to other harmful chemicals. This means less food waste on landfills and fewer greenhouse gases during garbage collections. Garbage disposals are also discrete, making this new addition a space saving alternative to traditional composting.

Are you ready to start saving money?

Who doesn’t want to start saving money on household maintenance? Garbage disposals help you save on your water bill, especially if you choose a high efficiency garbage disposal for installation. Another benefit is that you can reduce plumbing issues and costs that go into effect when food scraps get stuck down the kitchen pipes. The most common problem homeowners report is their kitchen sink getting clogged, which can eventually lead to a leaky mess that’s costly to fix. Avoid the hassle and choose garbage disposal installation today!

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