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Common Types of Water Heater Repairs
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Common Types of Water Heater Repairs

Common Types of Water Heater Repairs

Common Types of Water Heater Repairs

We often take our hot water supply for granted, until there is something wrong with it. As durable as home appliances are today, they still suffer from wear and tear and require occasional maintenance. You will most likely need to call a professional to fix any issues with your hot water heater. At ASAP Plumbing, repairing water heaters is a common job. Here are the most common types of water heater repairs:

Fixing Dip Tubes

Have you noticed that you are not getting as much hot water as you used to? You might have a broken dip tube. The dip tube carries cold, fresh water from the municipal supply down through the tank of the water heater and to the bottom where the heat exchanger transfers energy from the combustion jets. The water then rises back to the top of the tank as it warms up. When the dip tube breaks off, it will deposit cold water to the top of the tank, where it will mix with the heated water. A broken dip tube is the most common reason for a decrease in the supply of hot water. Not to worry - this is a simple job for an experienced professional to fix.

Replacing Failed Heating Elements

Gas-powered water heaters are like a furnace, they can easily encounter problems in their burner. Dirt or rust in the burner, or across the surface, can lead to the water heater having trouble igniting. A low gas flow or blockage in the line may also cause a loss in heating power. As with any natural gas issue, you should never work on this by yourself due to the safety risks involved, and you should only trust experienced professionals.

Replacing Faulty Burners

Electric water heaters use two heating elements inside the water tank to raise the temperature of the water. At some point, one of the two heating elements may burn out, resulting in water temperature decreasing, and you may begin to experience lukewarm water from your taps and showerheads. If you are experiencing cold or lukewarm water, it is most likely a common faulty burner. A professional will be able to check out your water heater’s burners, diagnose the problem and fix it.

Installing a New Water Heater

In some cases, a new water heater should be installed. Sometimes the problems with your water heater run much deeper, and the best decision is to simply replace it. We do recommend calling a professional to look at it beforehand to give their best opinion. It is also best to call a professional to uninstall your current water heater and install the new one, especially if you have a gas-powered water heater. Replacing gas-powered water heaters have a higher health risk, so we recommend having a professional perform the new installation.

Do not let a reduction in your home’s hot water go without attention! It is always best to call ASAP Plumbing as soon as you notice a problem. When it comes to water heater repair or any other plumbing repairs, put your trust in us! Give us a call at (288) 865-ASAP.

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