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Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers
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Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers

Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers

Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers

Plumbers are a saving grace when it comes to everyday problems with your home’s pipes. They are there when we need them by providing us with expertise and advice. While we are grateful for their knowledge, there are some things we don’t know about them. To better understand these hardworking individuals and just how much goes into the job, we’ve compiled a list of things you didn’t know about plumbers.

    1. They Face Safety Risks Daily

    Plumbing may not be a profession you expect to be dangerous, but there are actually a lot of risks involved when it comes to everyday plumbing problems. From dealing with moldy pipes to risking burns or electrocution when working with utility connection pipes, there are a lot of dangerous circumstances plumbers find themselves in on the job. These dangers are a reminder that we should never try to fix plumbing problems ourselves; we should leave it up to the professionals.

    2. It’s Better in the Long Run To Hire A Professional

    Like we said in the previous section, leaving the job up to the professionals is not only beneficial time-wise, but it can save you money as well. It can be tempting to look up the problems we’re facing and find a YouTube video or website article that shows step-by-step solutions, but oftentimes these solutions don’t account for the specific situations that may arise, and they don’t always come from the most reputable sources. Sticking with the pros means all your questions and concerns will be handled from the get-go.

    3. The Term “Garbage Disposal” is Out

    Most plumbers would agree that the term ‘garbage disposal’ is a harmful word to use. Calling it a ‘garbage disposal’ unfortunately leads people to believe that a lot of substances can be thrown in, eventually leading to issues that are later fixed by plumbers. A more accurate term is ‘sink disposal’.

    4. Kitchen Waste is the Worst Waste

    Believe it or not, kitchen waste is more dangerous and uncomfortable than dealing with clogs and issues in the bathroom. Taking care of your waste in the kitchen is important, as some of the most unclean and hazardous waste is located in your kitchen’s pipes.

    5. Don’t Trust the Word “Flushable”

    Oftentimes, the word ‘flushable’ is used on wipes, floss or feminine products. While these seem to be harmless, most plumbers agree that you should still avoid flushing them down your toilet. Over the years, these products eventually build up and cause issues that plumbers will have to fix.

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