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How To Find A Water Leak Inside Of A Wall
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How To Find A Water Leak Inside Of A Wall GULFPORT, MS

How To Find A Water Leak Inside Of A Wall

How To Find A Water Leak Inside Of A Wall

The walls that surround your home are some of the most important framed and structural foundations that provide a safe shelter. But what lies behind those walls is just as important! Consider insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing systems. When a water leak occurs, all of these interior materials are susceptible to significant water damage. Unlike the leaks that can be easily found in a household faucet or appliance, leaks inside of a wall require careful examination. Detecting a leak inside of a wall could stop bursting pipes in their tracks before it is too late.

Musty Smell
We are all familiar with prominent smells in the home, such as the wood burning fumes when one lights up the fireplace, or the unpleasant odors that come from the garbage disposal. While these smells are normal, there are some smells that are distinctly unsafe. A musty smell is one of the first leak detection signs that is invisible to the eye, but is definitely worth recognizing for potential water leaks inside of a wall.

Mold that appears on walls or ceilings is easily recognizable and will only get worse through time as it spreads and grows. This is because it is a live bacteria that feeds off high moisture and humidity. Also tied to mold is the foul musty smell it gives off. This type of leak detection is not safe to inhale and is a concern to human and pet health. Have a professional plumber come in to inspect beyond the drywall as they locate where exactly the leak is coming from.

As we can see, each part of a water heater is quite complex and has various functions, but a professional plumber is able to identify each one and make repairs and installation as necessary.

Paint Peeling and Discoloration
Homeowners enjoy adding cosmetic accents to their exterior walls by painting with neutral or vibrant colors or with wallpaper. However, as soon as a leak occurs, walls begin to take their shape. Walls will begin to show paint chips or discoloration, which are caused by the excessive moisture that the drywall or sheetrock absorbs. Signs such as wet spots or bubbles will appear at the surface. Overtime, mold will quickly produce.

High Water Bill
Another sign to look out for with leak detection for the inside of a wall is to notice a change in your water bill. During winter months, pipes are prone to freeze and burst, which causes the sudden spike and a higher cost in the bill. Older homes usually have problems with hard water corroding the pipes, thus causing a water leak as well. The leak might not yet be noticeable, but your water bill will indicate otherwise.

For leak detection and restoration plumbing services, contact ASAP Plumbing immediately at (228) 865-2727 or visit and request a free estimate! Our team of experts use moisture meters and special cameras to detect leaks inside of walls. We also handle services including installation, repair and full water heater replacement.

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