6 Tips for Installing Kitchen Appliances Safely 6 Tips for Installing Kitchen Appliances Safely
6 Tips for Installing Kitchen Appliances Safely
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6 Tips for Installing Kitchen Appliances Safely

6 Tips for Installing Kitchen Appliances Safely

Have you been eyeing that shiny new stovetop, dishwasher or refrigerator? Kitchen renovations are always popular and could increase the value of your home, but they could cause harm to homes and homeowners if not done carefully. Here are a few tips for how to make installing kitchen appliances as safe as possible.

Grab the Necessary Tools

The necessary tools will make installing any new appliance a much safer and quicker experience. Some tools you may need to purchase if you don’t already own them. If you do need to purchase tools, get help at a local hardware store or get advice from a professional. You also might need new pipes, vents or plugs, so just be sure to look at what you need to install the item. 

Shut off Water and Gas 

When installing a new appliance such as a dishwasher, sink or water heater you should turn off the water or gas that will connect to that appliance. This will make the job a lot safer, and it is extremely easy to do. After the appliance is installed, turn the water and gas back on and run a test. If you have any problems you should call a professional plumber.


You should always check to make sure the appliance you are installing is the right size. Older models may be bigger than younger appliance models (or vice versa), so be sure to measure the space where the new appliance will be installed. Take measurements of the area or of the old appliance and take them to your local store to see what products would be able to fit into the space. If you buy a smaller appliance, you may want to find a way to fill the extra surrounding space.


You should always check a new appliance’s wattage rating to avoid overloading a circuit. Newer appliances often use less energy, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. You can always add a subpanel if you need extra wattage, but call a professional to do that task.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is very important and will keep you on task. With some appliances such as dishwashers, you need to figure out how you’ll have to install them. Dishwashers are one of the most troublesome appliances to install without help from a professional because of the plumbing and mounting. Dishwashers have to be very specific when replacing or installing them, so they are usually installed when redoing countertops and cabinets. When purchasing a dishwasher, be sure to look into those that come with mounting kits.


Leveling is of the utmost importance when installing new kitchen appliances. If the appliance is not level, it could tip over and cause injuries, damage to the home or damage to the appliance. This is the case for all home appliances that are being installed. For example, when dishwashers are not leveled water cannot run through the drain, which can cause the dishwasher to leak through the door and onto your floors.

When replacing or installing appliances these are very important aspects to look at to make sure everything goes safely. If you do face any problems, call a professional for help so you get the best result and remain safe.

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