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5 Things You Should Never Flush
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5 Things You Should Never Flush

5 Things You Should Never Flush

5 Things You Should Never Flush

The toilet is perhaps one of the most used items in your home and also one of the most overlooked. Maintaining your toilet’s plumbing system is key to preventing a clog. And while you may think it’s safe to flush certain items, you'd be surprised to learn what is not recommended to go down the drain. Here are five things you should never flush.

Paper Products

Most people think, “If it's made of paper material it’s perfectly fine to flush.” However, items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, wipes and diapers should never enter the drain. These products will expand when wet which can cause a major clog in your pipes and possibly the public plumbing system. Simply put, the only paper you should be flushing is the kind designed to go down the drain—toilet paper.


Cleaning your brush and tossing the loose hair in the toilet seems harmless when in fact it can be the cause of a major clog not only in your toilet, but in your shower drains as well. Clumps of hair can collect in the pipes and attach to other non-flushable items causing serious backup and clogs.


Flushing outdated or unused medications down the toilet is not only harmful to the environment, but it can potentially be dangerous to our drinking water. The water from the toilet flows into the sewer systems and can end up in our groundwater. This can potentially make its way to the water we consume everyday. Instead of throwing away or flushing old medications, research safe disposal methods or speak to your pharmacist about proper disposal.


Toxic substances such as household cleaners and paint should never be flushed. It can be damaging to the environment and, overtime, can cause damage to your plumbing system. Clog-clearing chemicals should also be avoided as well since they have shown to eat away at the pipes, causing them to weaken. Dispose of toxic materials properly and use an alternative such as a plunger to clear a clog.

Cat Litter

You may be quick to think that all waste is created equal, right? When wet, cat litter is designed to clump which is bad news for your pipes. The abrasive texture of litter may also cause damage to the pipes. Instead, toss the cat’s waste in a plastic bag and place it in the trash can. Just remember…your toilet is not a garbage can.

If you don’t want to end up with a clog or damaged pipes then dispose of your waste properly. When in doubt, call your local waste management services for items you are unsure of how to dispose.

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