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What is Hard Water and How Does It Affect Your Biloxi, Mississippi Home?

What is Hard Water and How Does It Affect Your Biloxi, Mississippi Home?

Hard water is common in Biloxi, Mississippi due to the high mineral content in the area. If you have hard water running through your plumbing system, then you need to know how it is affecting your household. Below are some of the key issues related water hardness:

Hard Water Explained

When we use the term hard water, what we are referring to is water that has an abnormally high mineral content. As water trickles downward into the ground, it will come into contact with limestone and chalk deposits. These deposits consist of carbonates, which are essentially magnesium or calcium. The minerals ‘harden’ the water. If you do not fully understand the concept, you can definitely feel the difference if you regularly use water softener in your home’s plumbing system.

Using Soap

Have you ever used soap and noticed that you just can’t seem to get enough lather? Believe it or not, it’s probably due to the hardness of the water instead of the soap itself. For soap to produce a healthy lather, the water has to be ‘wetter’ or ‘softer’. Hard water causes soap to produce scum instead of lather. You’ve seen firsthand what soap scum looks like along the surface of your tub or sink.

The problem with soap scum is that it doesn’t clean the skin. It only creates an abrasion. This same thing is true with laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid. The softer or wetter the water, the more effective the soap is at cleaning the skin, clothing, or any other surface. Otherwise, you’re unknowingly wasting money on soaps and detergents.

Clogging Your Draining System

Hard water is responsible for creating mineral deposits that collect in your plumbing system, too. This buildup is commonly referred to as scale. Scale is extremely difficult to get rid off and often requires the expertise and equipment of a professional plumbing technician. Once the scale reaches a certain point it will inhibit or restrict the free flow of liquids through the pipes.

The buildup can also occur in water heaters and water-based appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, or dishwashers. If the flow water is restricted, then the appliances are rendered less effective at doing their job.

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion occurs when one metal is in contact with another metal in hard water. This corrosion is due to a high concentration of electrolytes. Only one of the pieces of metal will deteriorate leaving the other one intact. In a plumbing system, if there are two different types of metal connected and hard water is running through them, then one of them will corrode.

ASAP Plumbing offers water-softening solutions for homeowners in Biloxi, Mississippi and the surrounding area. If you have noticed that hard water is affecting the items in your house, then contact us today at 228-865-2727 and visit www.plumbinggulfportms.com to request a free estimate!

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