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Homes last for many generations. What worked for one may not work for the next. One of the most rapidly changing areas in a home are the bathrooms. The 1950s came and went with bathtubs in every bathroom. In the 1960s and 1970s, small shower stalls were trendy. In the 1980s, combination tub/showers were common. In the 1990s and forward, showers became more and more luxurious. People started placing soaking tubs in the nicest bathrooms to accentuate the luxury of the large walk in showers which hold half of the family and even give each person a shower head or two or three.
THE TIMES, THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’: Even as more and more money is lavished into beautiful spa-like bathrooms, one never knows what the future holds. Even these beautiful large showers may not work for every family. Take for instance the young growing families who have small children to bathe. Or perhaps a family with an elderly loved one who is becoming somewhat unstable and is in need of a walk-in bathtub.
DESIGNS AND INSTALLATIONS: If you are considering a shower to tub conversion, ASAP Plumbing can help you with a design that works for your space and your needs. We will turn that design into a reality with the work of our skilled and talented craftsmen. While a tub conversion is not as glamorous as a shower conversion, there are still many ways to make it beautiful.
ELEMENTS OF BEAUTY: Consider using rock or tile as the surround to give your tub a more natural appeal. Large polished tiles add a feeling of space and depth. They give a feeling of elegance. A more brushed or rustic tile will give you an earthy feeling. You can mix elements for a lavish look, just as you would in a shower. Bring a glass or colored tile into a trim stripe or two through the layers of stone. It will draw the eye and make the area pop with color.
COMBINATIONS ARE BACK IN STYLE: You may also want to build in a shower for combination usage. If you do, then a waterfall or raindrop showerhead may add to the feeling of relaxation. There is no reason you can’t add two or three showerheads as well.
With so many creative elements being used in bathrooms, there is no reason that returning to a bathtub has to be a bland or boring experience. It is not mandatory that your bathtub have a two-piece fiberglass surround with soap dishes and a towel rack. Pick your bathtub and give us some ideas of your design style. You may be surprised what we come up with.
If you are looking for a bathroom upgrade or plumbing services in Gulfport, Mississippi and the surrounding Gulf Coast area, then contact ASAP Plumbing. Our licensed and certified technicians offer complete system installation, repairs, and ongoing care and maintenance. You can count on us for quality work, competitive rates, and fast, friendly service. Call us today at 228-865-2727.


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commercial plumbing
commercial plumbing

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