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Tips for installing kitchen appliances safely
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Tips for installing kitchen appliances safely

Tips for installing kitchen appliances safely

Shiny new kitchen appliances. Everyone loves them! They update the look of your space and add functionality. They also put a dent in your wallet! Many homeowners choose to install kitchen appliances themselves over paying someone. It makes sense with the cost savings. But there are important steps to follow if you go this route. Done improperly, self-installation of kitchen appliances can end up costing you even more money to correct mistakes. It can also be dangerous if not done safely.

Here are 4 quick tips to safer kitchen appliance installation.

Measure over and over

Did you know many installations go awry simply due to not measuring the space? Talk about avoidable! First, measure the area in which you will be bringing the appliance into your home. You may need to go through a back entry way. Perhaps you will need to remove a door from the hinges to add a few more inches for entry into the home. Next, measure the area where the appliance will go. Common appliance installations that can cause issues are refrigerators and dishwashers. The height of your new refrigerator may make it necessary to remove a few upper cabinets for a good fit. Newer models of dishwashers are not the same dimensions as older models. But this can be an area that is hard to modify in the home. So, measure repeatedly and record your numbers before setting on your new appliance make and model.

Drain tubing

Running drain tubing incorrectly is a very common mistake with homeowners trying to save some cash by installing the dishwasher themselves. The sad part is this can cause a plumbing disaster that ends up negating that saved cash. To avoid this, be sure you run the dishwasher drain tubing correctly. Proper instructions will be in the owner’s manual and online at the manufacturer’s site.


Make sure all of the appliances are properly secured. For dishwashers there are typically only 2 screws holding it in place to the upper cabinet. Use the correct size screw and accompanying hardware. For a new oven, use an anti-tip bracket. This secures the unit and keeps it from tipping over. Both unsecured dishwashers and ovens can turn over onto someone and cause injury. This is especially important for homes with small children. 

Check the wattage

It’s possible to overload a new appliance. In the appliance store, check the wattage information for your choices. Make sure your service can handle the extra wattage. You may need to add a new circuit or a subpanel. Experts also say that once the appliance is installed, turn off the breaker and make sure the polarity is correct. The good news is that most modern appliances are made to use less energy so wattage probably won’t be a an issue.

Bubble test

Before installing your new appliance, shut off water and gas valves that lead to the appliance. Then after installing, do a “bubble test.” This is a leak test. Apply everyday dish soap to the connections and joints of gas appliances. If there’s a bubble, there’s a leak. Even for established gas appliances, it’s a good idea to do a bubble test along with your new ones to address any unsafe leaks.

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